Baby Gathering Dip Dye

A little pomegranate and beet juice makes for a whole 'lotta love. 

The task at hand was to design custom invites for a baby gathering that were equal parts feminine and unexpected. By dip dyeing every invitation by hand I was able to ensure that each piece was one-of-a-kind; a work of art. I knew I wanted soft hues of purple and pink and achieved those colors by juicing pomegranates and beets. Never before had I made my own dye and I wasn't exactly sure how it would look on paper. The color changed drastically after each piece was given the right amount of time to fully dry. The result was an ethereal color palette that was so raw and full of subtle variations. The small bits of fruit and veggie left within the dye added just the right amount of texture. A gold paint stroke gave each invitation the appropriate amount of glamour. They were finished off with a feather tied into a leather bellyband and were mailed in dip dyed envelopes.

Event Planners: Jessie, House of James Parker & Heather, Rise To The Occasions

Shanleigh Heelan1 Comment